Five Tarboro River Bandits Pitchers Team Up In Shutout Victory Against Catawba Valley Stars

Sunday, June 13, 2021 – Tarboro, NC

Tarboro River Bandits defeated Catawba Valley Stars 1-0 on Sunday as five pitchers combined to throw a shutout. Graeme Carroll induced a groundout from Andrew Carpenter to finish off the game.

The pitching was strong on both sides. Tarboro River Bandits pitchers struck out 11, while Catawba Valley Stars pitchers sat down five.

One bright spot for Catawba Valley Stars was a single by David Novak in the second inning.

Alec Greenblatt got the win for Tarboro River BanditsGreenblatt went one inning, allowing zero runs on zero hits, striking out two and walking zero. Coley Kilpatrick Julian Parson, and Carroll all put in work in relief out of the bullpen, steering their team towards the victory. Carroll recorded the last three outs to earn the save for Tarboro River Bandits.

Gianni Smith took the loss for Catawba Valley StarsSmith lasted four innings, allowing one hit and zero runs while striking out three.

Russell Derbyshire started the game for Tarboro River Bandits. The righty went two innings, allowing zero runs on one hit and striking out two

Tanner SmithDane Hoggard, and Andrew Casey each managed one hit to lead Tarboro River Bandits.

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Catawba Valley Stars
Andrew Carpenter400001
Anthony Jarvis201011
Wayne Mize300001
Tanner Brandon301000
Josh Cain100021
Parker Lester300002
David Novak201011
Ross Bartziokas300001
Brennin Holmes200002
Brantly Durham100001
Gianni Smith
Zavien Lindsey

Batting 2B: Tanner Brandon
TB: Anthony Jarvis, Tanner Brandon 2, David Novak
ROE: Tanner Brandon
GIDP: Wayne Mize
TotalsTeam QAB: 12 (42.86%)
Andrew Carpenter 2, Anthony Jarvis, Wayne Mize, Tanner Brandon 2, Josh Cain 3, Parker Lester, David Novak, Brantly Durham

Team LOB: 7Fielding E: Brennin Holmes
DP: Andrew Carpenter, Josh Cain, Ross Bartziokas

Tarboro River Bandits
Tanner Smith101120
Cam Hassert200012
Mike Dolberry300000
Levis Aguila300000
Ben Jones300001
Andrew Casey211000
Kendal Pierson200001
Dane Hoggard201000
Brantley Cutler100011
Russell Derbyshire
Alec Greenblatt
Coley Kilpatrick
Julian Parson
Graeme Carroll

Batting TB: Tanner Smith, Andrew Casey, Dane Hoggard
RBI: Tanner Smith
GIDP: Levis Aguila
CS: Dane Hoggard
TotalsTeam QAB: 14 (60.87%)
Ben Jones 2, Brantley Cutler, Kendal Pierson , Tanner Smith 3, Mike Dolberry , Andrew Casey, Cam Hassert 2, Levis Aguila, Dane Hoggard 2

Team LOB: 4 Fielding E: Dane Hoggard 2
DP: Ben Jones, Tanner Smith, Andrew Casey

Catawba Valley Stars
Gianni Smith4.072.542100330
Zavien Lindsey2.039.615211210

Pitching L: Gianni Smith
Pitches-Strikes: Gianni Smith 72-39, Zavien Lindsey 39-24
Groundouts-Flyouts: Gianni Smith 3-4, Zavien Lindsey 3-1
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Gianni Smith 6-14, Zavien Lindsey 5-9

Tarboro River Bandits
Russell Derbyshire2.040.525100220
Coley Kilpatrick2.046.674100310
Alec Greenblatt1.013.615000200
Julian Parson1.019.737100310
Graeme Carroll1.014.714000100
Levis Aguila0.00.000000000

Pitching W: Alec Greenblatt
SV: Graeme Carroll
Pitches-Strikes: Russell Derbyshire 40-21, Alec Greenblatt 13-8, Coley Kilpatrick 46-31, Julian Parson 19-14, Levis Aguila 0-0, Graeme Carroll 14-10
Groundouts-Flyouts: Russell Derbyshire 1-2, Alec Greenblatt 0-1, Coley Kilpatrick 1-2, Julian Parson 0-0, Levis Aguila 0-0, Graeme Carroll 2-0
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Russell Derbyshire 5-8, Alec Greenblatt 2-3, Coley Kilpatrick 4-9, Julian Parson 3-5, Levis Aguila 0-0, Graeme Carroll 2-3

  • AB: At bats
  • R: Runs scored
  • H: Hits
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • 2B: Doubles
  • 3B: Triples
  • HR: Home runs
  • Grand slam: Grand slam home runs
  • TB: Total bases
  • RBI: Runs batted in
  • SAC: Sacrifice hits & bunts
  • SF: Sacrifice flies
  • ROE: Reached on error
  • FC: Hit into fielder’s choice
  • HBP: Hit by pitch
  • CI: Batter advances on catcher’s interference
  • GIDP: Hit into double play
  • GITP: Hit into triple play
  • SB: Stolen bases
  • CS: Caught stealing
  • PIK: Picked off
  • QAB: Quality at bats (any one of: 3 pitches after 2 strikes, 6+ pitch ABs, XBH, HHB, BB, SAC Bunt, SAC Fly)
  • QAB%: Quality at bats per plate appearance
  • LOB: Runners left on base at the end of an inning
  • E: Errors
  • DP: Double Plays
  • TP: Triple Plays
  • IP: Innings Pitched
  • #P: Total pitches
  • S%: Strike percentage
  • H: Hits allowed
  • R: Runs allowed
  • ER: Earned runs allowed
  • SO: Strikeouts
  • BB: Base on balls (walks)
  • HR: Home runs allowed
  • W: Wins
  • L: Losses
  • SV: Saves
  • BS: Blown saves
  • HBP: Hit batters
  • WP: Wild pitches
  • BK: Balks